Relationship Coaching for Sensitives

Empowering you to shine and live in Love



If you are like me you might often feel as if the outside world is too harsh or find it difficult to stand any dis-harmony around you.
You might also feel as if all energies and emotions in the room are amplified and seek to protect yourself energetically from being easily drained.

In the past it would have been a serious hindrance in your relationships:

  • Creating distance with others to protect yourself from feeling too much.
  • Being more reactive to a word said or actions taken by your loved ones, because it made you doubt their love for you.
  • Sabotaging or breaking up good relationships because of these insecurities.
  • Giving your power and authority away to those you want to please, only to end up feeling like a victim.

Well, I’m here to tell you that your sensitivity is not your weakness. I can help you turn it into your unique strength and gift to your relationships and the world!

“Sensitive is the new strong”
Anita Moorjani


Coaching for Individuals

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Coaching for Couples

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Coaching for Communities

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  • Conflict Resolution for communities that are seeking help in overcoming differences between members.
  • Anger Releasing Process for groups to let go of blocks to communal connections.
  • Community Building Retreats for budding and long-standing communities that wish to deepen and improve communications and trust.
  • Structures for Community Flow for groups that need structural and practical knowledge on how to optimally build and maintain a happy and functional community.


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